Apr 25, 2008


finally i found the website of joe d mango... i wanted to share you this


Dear Joe,
I have listened to your program whenever I can. I really like listening to the stories that people share. Also, I would like to congratulate you on the album that you released. The selections are really very nice.

For the past several months I have thought of writing you a letter but could not find the words to express what's inside me. First of all, allow me to introduce myself. I am 28 years of age, presently working in a hospital in Makati, the youngest of 2 children . I come from an upper middle-class family. My father is someone who believes in the old-fashioned ways of courtship. He is a very conservative man and tends to be close-minded when it comes to new ideas. He is the type of person who doesn't get mad very easily but when he does, he really gets mad. Basically, we have the same personality. My mother is also somewhat conservative but is open-minded. I have an adopted sister, aged 4. Our family is not that close to each. My relationship with my parents is one wherein I tell them only what they want to hear. I have lived my life doing everything they want.

My story began when I started working in the hospital I am presently in. A few weeks after I started, I met a Darwin. He really made me happy. Darwin 2 years younger than me and the eldest of 3 children. He comes from a middle-class family but unlike my mom and dad , his parents are very reasonable and open-minded. He worked in the same hospital but we had different professions. (I am a doctor and he is a nurse.) He was really someone very thoughtful and nice. He was a gentleman, too. We started going out and soon became good friends . After awhile we fell for each other. I had a boyfriend then but there was just something about him that told me he was the person I was looking for. So, I broke up with my boyfriend. Darwin and I had no formal courtship. We just felt right for each other.

Since he had no car, we use my car everytime we would go out. He would pay for the gas instead of us taking a taxi. There were also times I offered him to use my car. Whenever we had the same schedule, we would go home together. He would drive the car up to our place and then he would commute going home. He did not want me driving alone at night, especially if I am very tired. He really looked out for me, Joe.

During this time, he was able to meet my parents. He would greet them everytime he came to the house. Little did I know something was about to happen. It was Christmas of 1998, I brought him along to our family reunion. We arrived together when I found my mom crying and my dad so mad. We had a discussion, my mom and I. She told me that they found out I was letting Darwin use my car without them knowing. That was when I learned that they did not approve of him. My dad accused him of being a guy who was out to fool me. He did not trust him. He said he did not have enough respect and delicadeza. He said he was just after the things I had, especially my car. It really hurt hearing those things. I tried to explain to them. I tried to defend Darwin. But still they would not listen.

My dad stopped talking to me saying he did not want anything to do with me as long as Darwin was around. My relationship with my mother also suffered. It came to a point where my dad asked me to choose between him and Darwin. I could not make a choice so I decided to just get out of the house. I stayed with friends for several weeks. Then my mother asked to talk to both of us because she found out we had plans of getting married civilly. She did not approve since she believed civil marriages were not "real" marriages. She wanted a Church wedding. We explained that we opted to have a civil wedding first then have a Church wedding once we had enough money. It was not a good reason for her. She did not want me to marry him. My dad agreed with her. So, she asked me to return home and to pretend that it’s over between Darwin and I just to let my dad's anger simmer down. We complied hoping things would change but to no avail.

I found it so hard to go home to our house as the days went by. Eventually, I went home less and less until finally ,we started living together with his family. This was not known to my parents. Later on my mom found out when a friend of hers, living in the same area told her that she often sees my car parked in my boyfriend's driveway. My mom confronted me, so I told her the truth. A truth we kept secret from my dad.

After awhile, there came a time I grew uncomfortable with us living together with his family without the blessing of marriage. So I asked him if we could find a place of our own, which we eventually did. We lived together for more than 6 months and I was relatively happy even though there were some rough times. We had to adjust to each other somehow.

My mom would plead with me to go home but I would not agree. She told me my dad was really getting very mad and was starting to make threats. She was afraid for herself and for me. She wanted me to go abroad and stay there. I did not want to. I was ready to give up everything I had, for a chance to live my life with the person I really loved. Still my mom pleaded, she said my sister was really getting affected to and that my parents' marriage was starting to break. Eventually, I went home for the sake of my mom and my sister.

I still am living at home with my parents but I find it very difficult to go home everyday. My father has not yet spoken to me since this has happened. I have tried everything to close the gap but he just won't budge. I have grown very depressed and frustrated with my life. I still see Darwin but we have decided to just be friends. I thought things would be different. In a way it is but not for me. My parents may be happy but I am not. I long for the happiness I once had.

You cannot imagine the hurt and pain I have in my heart. My mom and dad and brother have told me that if our family breaks up, I will be the one to blame. My mom blames me for putting my adopted sister through all of this. My brother has said that if anything happens to our parents, I will be to blame. Basically, I am the one they are blaming for everything that has happened.

Sometimes, I cry alone wishing I could just let go. Maybe things will be better for everyone if I just get out of the picture, since I'm the one they say is the problem. I have stopped hoping that I will someday find the happiness that I long for. I have stopped believing in dreams or wishes, since they never come true. I am trying to live each day as it comes. It isn't easy. I guess happiness isn't something meant for me. Only time will tell how much longer I can go on like this. My depression is really getting worse each day. How long will I go on giving in to my parents? Why can't they see what I see? Why can't they feel what I feel? I'm not a child but an adult. When do I start living my own life? Do I always have to accept everything they say even if it does not apply to the present times? Should I always be the one to understand them just because I'm the daughter and they are the parents? Shouldn't they try to understand me, too? Or am I wrong about everything?

Thanks for your time. All I really needed was someone who would listen. I guess you've done me a big favor. More power!

Sincerely yours


Joes Notes


Cherrie, I have been through the same boat as Darwin when I was still courting my wife. Somehow, I just could not find enough sensible reasons why parents need to meddle into the children’s personal affairs , control their lives and unfairly judge the people they choose to be with. But now that I am a father to four daughters and have grown to understand why.

Parents would only want the best for their children. That is one general fact that we cannot contest. It is true to a certain extent but when our parents go beyond the line of privacy and selfishly impose their rules, then their actions begin to contradict their verbalized intentions. Your are already twenty eight and your not getting younger. I believe that you have spent a great deal of that 28 years trying make your parents happy. You have become the professional that they wanted you to be and you have tried your best to be a good daughter to them even if it meant sacrifice and self-denial . Honestly, Cherrie, you have done enough. Your parents have fulfilled their obligation to bring you up and give you a good education. Beyond that is your life that you are supposed to live not under their control but only with their mature and loving guidance.

I know how difficult it is to choose. But you don’t have to. If your family breaks up then that is their choice, not your fault. Forcing you to make a choice between what will make you happy and what will make them happy is plain selfishness . We have to show our parents utmost respect but that has to be earned. It is something that cannot be demanded of us. It is something that they have to teach us by their own examples of respect and discerning restraint.

Cherrie, staying with Darwin outside marriage was never a good idea. You should know that by now. That was something that you should have never done . But it’s never too late to start over again and set straight the crooked path you blindly trekked. You have to start living your life now outside the place you used to call home . You have to build your own with someone you truly love.

Cherrie, go where your heart leads you and pray that it leads you to where God intends you to be. Find your happiness and be at peace with yourself. You parents may want someone else for you but marrying someone you don’t love will just make you feel sorry all your life . Money without love is how we spell misery. It is only with little money and a lot of love that we can truly be happy. Don’t stop wishing . Don’t stop dreaming. One day, Cherie ,in God’s own time, he will show you the way to your heart and there you’ll find true love, joy and happiness that will last you your lifetime.



Janina San Miguel

English Psychosis
By Rodel RodisINQUIRER.netFirst Posted 10:55am (Mla time) 03/25/2008
Though I had never been to a boxing fight before, curiosity drove me to Las Vegas to watch the hyped-up rematch of Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao and Juan Manuel “Dinamita” Marquez for the Super Featherweight Championship of the World last March 15.
As it turned out, “Super” in the billing was no hype; it was the real deal as the two evenly-matched gladiators fought toe-to-toe for 12 rounds, fighting with all the power and heart they could muster. In the end, the Pacman won in a controversial split-decision but by barely one razor-thin point. In the post-fight press conference, Pacquiao commented on the fight in English, without using an interpreter: “The first knockdown, I was very happy," he said. "I think I controlled the fight already. In the next rounds, I had a bad cut on my eye and I didn’t see his punches. It was hard to punch back to him.”
With a Spanish interpreter, Marquez said: “Yes, I thought I won this fight and I still think I won this fight. Maybe the judges were thinking I was the challenger, but I connected with the most powerful punches and the most accurate punches.”
In previous press interviews where the Pacman spoke, always without an interpreter, he would often find himself grammatically challenged (though he is getting better) and his fight assessments always appeared simple-minded as though the English words that would articulate his actual insights were beyond his reach. In contrast, whenever the Mexican fighters spoke, with interpreters, they seemed to express more depth in their analysis.
I always wondered why the Pacman didn’t just speak in Tagalog and have an interpreter translate his words so that he could also appear to be articulate and intelligent. Is it pride?
That same question popped up at the 2008 Bb. Pilipinas beauty pageant at the Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City on March 9. Janina San Miguel, a 17 year old freshman student at the University of the East, made it to the finals after winning awards for Best in Swimsuit and Best in Long Gown. And then came the interview:
One of the judges, Vivian Tan, asked her “what role did your family play to you as candidate to Binibining Pilipinas?”

Here it is:
Janina: “Well, my family’s role for me is so important b’coz there was the wa- they’re, they was the one who’s… very… hahahaha… Oh I’m so sorry, ahhmm… My pamily… My family… Oh my god… I’m… Ok, I’m so sorry… I… I told you that I’m so confident… Eto, ahhmm, Wait… hahahaha, ahmmm. Sorry, guys because this was really my first pageant ever b’coz I’m only 17 years old and hahaha I, I did not expect that I came from, I came from one of the tuff ten. Hmmm, so… but I said that my family is the most important persons in my life. Thank you.”
In the YouTube video, the sounds of audience guffaws were as audible as the looks of consternation and bemusement by the judges. Despite this gaffe, however, Janina won the contest and will represent the Philippines in the Miss World competition to be held in the Ukraine.
But overnight, dozens, if not hundreds, of Filipino blogs, commented on Janina’s selection with most making fun of her accent and poor grammar. Many questioned how she could possibly hope to win the world title when she can’t speak English properly.
But if anyone of these blog commentators ever watched any of those international beauty pageants, they would note that the questions were always posed to the Spanish-speaking contestants in English, translated by interpreters into Spanish, and the Spanish answers then translated into English. The translated answers showed the candidates' poise and articulation which accounts for why so many South American beauty queens have won these contests.
Why couldn’t the question to Janina have been posed to her in Tagalog and her answer delivered in Tagalog and then translated into English for US Ambassador Kristie Kenney who was a judge? The contest that used to be “Miss Philippines” is now called “Binibing Pilipinas” to emphasize its nationalist character. Hello?
The online web portal,, observed that “the use of English is not an issue for some contestants who can speak it fluently. There are a few young girls however, who did not have the luxury of attending an expensive private school where English is taught, or who do not belong to that social strata of Philippine society where proficiency in English is the norm.”
Philippine Daily Inquirer columnist Ramon Tulfo asked his readers to “Give the young girl a break! If she speaks ungrammatical English, blame it on the country’s educational system…You expect Janina to speak fluent English when our former president, Joseph “Erap” Estrada, speaks carabao English? C’mon, guys, you expect too much from a 17-year-old girl!”
The best insight about this “national psychosis with regards to the English language” came from the editorial which provided this observation “Tune in to most radio stations in Metro Manila and you'll hear Filipino DJ's straining to sound like Americans; sit-in on corporate meetings in boardrooms along Ayala Avenue and you will notice that greater deference is given to those who can say what they have to say in English. Say the same thing in Tagalog and it somehow carries a lot less weight or importance.
“While proficiency in a foreign language is commendable, especially in this era of globalization," noted further, "the value of a foreign language should not be gained by denigrating our national language. Tagalog or Pilipino should be given the respect it deserves and be allowed to co-exist alongside all other languages...only then will we begin to appreciate and respect who we really are as a people.”
Psychosis is a psychiatric term for a mental state often described as involving a "loss of contact with reality." People suffering from it are said to have delusional beliefs. What is our delusional belief about ourselves and our ability to speak English?

This is very disgraceful. Although I admit di naman ako magaling din mag english. pero naman sana..... kung kukuha sila ng mag rerepresent ng bansa natin yung di naman tayo pagtatawanan dba?

Apr 24, 2008

Im getting crazy over it

A very nice mobile. How i long to run my fingers through the keys. hehehehe yes im am very much in love with this new gadget. for everybody's information here are the specifications of this wonderful thing.

Weight: 7.97 oz
Length: 2.83 in
Width: 5.04 in
Thickness: 0.55 in
High-resolution 4.13” WVGA display (800 x 480 pixels) with up to 65,000 colors
TI OMAP 2420, 400Mhz
Flash 256MB
Up to 2GB internal memory
Support for compatible miniSD and microSD memory cards (with extender). Supports cards up to 8GB. (SD cards over 2GB must be SDHC compatible.)
Operating Times*
Battery: Nokia Battery BP-4L
Continuous usage (display on, wireless LAN active): up to 4 hours
Music playback: up to 10 hours
Always online time: up to 5 days
Standby time: up to 14 days
*Operating times may vary depending on the radio access technology used, configuration and usage. The availability of the product and its features depend on your area and service providers, so please contact them and your Nokia dealer for further information.
Other characteristics
Smooth slide with integrated QWERTY keyboard
Built-in GPS receiver
High quality stereo speakers and sensitive microphone
High-resolution widescreen display
Integrated desk stand
Integrated VGA web camera
HW key to lock touch screen and keys
Ambient light sensor
WLAN standard: IEEE 802.11b/g
Bluetooth specification v.2.0 . +EDR (profiles supported: HID, FTP, DUN, GAP, SPP, HSP, SAP and OPP)
USB high speed for PC connectivity
3.5 mm stereo headphone plug
Language support
HW keyboard variants: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish-Portuguese, Scandinavian and Russian
User interface languages: British English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, American English, Brazilian Portuguese, Canadian French, Latin American Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese
User guide languages: British English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, American English, Brazilian Portuguese, Canadian French, Latin American Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Arabic
Internet Tablet OS: maemo Linux based OS2008

Easy install for new applications, applets, and personalization
Operating system updates available over the Internet
Web Browsing
Browser based on Mozilla technology with state-of-the-art web standard support including AJAX
Page navigation with scrolling, panning or using hardware buttons, zooming in and out of web sites.
Full desktop Adobe® Flash® 9 plugin, including video and audio streaming
Built-in media player for viewing and listening to downloaded, transfered or streamed media content and easy-on-device management of media library
Direct access to shared media over Universal Plug and Play (UPnP)
Supported video formats: 3GP, AVI, WMV, MP4, H263, H.264, MPEG-1, MPEG-4, RV (RealVideo)
Supported audio formats: MP3, WMA, AAC, AMR, AWB, M4A, MP2, RA (RealAudio), WAV
Supported playlist formats: M3U, PLS, ASX, WAX, WVX, WPL
Internet messaging and calling with video
Effortless and automated presence and contacts application for centralizing communication tasks
SIP support and interoperability with industry standard services
Map application with pre-loaded maps including points of interest
Premium services available on purchase including Wayfinder navigation
Browser access to familiar webmail services
E-mail application for personal e-mail usage with IMAP4, SMTP, and POP3 support
Full-screen image viewing and slideshow functionality
Supported Image formats: BMP, GIF, ICI, JPE, JPEG, PNG, TIF/TIFF, SVG, Tiny, WBMP
RSS Reader
Reader for subscribing, managing and keeping up-to date with web feeds
Support for RSS 1.0/2.0 and Atom 1.0
File manager
PDF reader
Games: chess, blocks, mahjong and marbles
Backup and restore
Input methods
HW keyboard, full screen finger keyboard and on-screen keyboard
Package Contents
Standard Sales Package Contents
Nokia N810 Internet Tablet RX-44
Nokia Battery BP-4L
Nokia Stereo Headset HS-48
Nokia Travel Charger AC-4
Nokia Car Holder CR-89
Pouch CP-223
Nokia Connectivity Cable CA-101
Get started guide
Safety, warranty, and other product information booklet

Isn't it wonderful? Beginning today I will not eat a lot and buy a lot to save money and buy one of this.

Apr 19, 2008

Get your birth certificate online even when you are abroad

I needed to have a copy of my Birth Certificate last week and I couldn't think of any way on how to get one. I am here on the other side of the world and as what I have known, personal appearance is needed in order to get one.

I was so glad to find that NSO have a website and even delivers birth certificate within the Philippines and also here abroad. I just payed 300.00 pesos and they brought it straight into my mother's house. They also deliver abroad but of course with a much higher fee. For anyone of you who wanted to have your personal documents delivered right into your doorstep, try the online way of having your it. the site is . It will save you from the sweat of falling in line.