Nov 19, 2006

When love isn't enough

It is always easy to say that we can love unconditionally without having to expect anything from someone we love. But the truth is, loving unconditionally is very difficult. Love can drive us to a point where we start not to care about anything but just loving a person, in spite of his or her infidelity, insensitivity or lack of respect to what we feel. But there is always a limit to our sacrifices. No matter how we try to become insensitive to how someone treats us, we always come to a point where we expect appreciation, respect and acknowledgement. There may only be a few who would be able to give love unconditionally without having the need to be recognized.

There are many small things in a relationship that mean a lot to women. Things that men do not give so much meaning to actually matter to their partners. Being sensitive to the needs of the people we love is very important. We constantly have to make an extra effort to make others feel that they are important to us and the small things they do are appreciated. The greatness of a relationship is built on the foundation of small acts of kindness, love and compassion.

Trust is also very important. But the sad fact is, every time it is broken, only a few give themselves the chance to trust again and give their partners an opportunity to redeem themselves. We all make mistakes and in love, there should always be room for forgiveness and acceptance. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. We all have to live with the imperfection of our partners.

Let us always remember: In the end it is not how much love we have received that would count, but how much love we have given and how much more we are willing to give even without the promise of earning it back.

Nov 18, 2006

The Truth about Men & Women

The Truth about Men [from a guy's point of view]

1. Malibog.
All men have sex in their minds. It's a universal truth. But to tell
you frankly girls, it's not really our fault.God made us with high
testosterone levels and our genes command us to act this way. If this
isn't our natural tendency, then how would the human race procreate?
It's a man's nature to be "malibog" kaya wag niyo kaming sisisihin
kung madalas kami humingi ng sex. Its our balls that command us,and
not our brains.

2. Liars.
Dont ask me questions and I won't tell you lies. This is true, you
know. Meron kasing mga bagay na hindi namin kayang I-share sa mga
gf/wife namin kaya nakakapagsinungaling kami,kasi pinipilit kaming
sumagot sa mga bagay na ayaw naming sagutin. We try to hide things
and if we cant hide it anymore, we lie.This tactic is perfected thru
time kaya iyung ibang guys eh medyo natural na sa kanila ang mag-lie.
Remember, we value our privacy and would rather lie than sacrifice
losing it.

3. I'm the MAN!
We must have this feeling that we are in control. Ayaw naming me
kumander kami, iyung me nag-cocommand sa amin.(We are open to
suggestions, though). And one more thing... if we say that we are not
lost, We are not lost! Trust us. Don't you know that us guys
eventually find our way. Girls really don't realize this but we hate
it when our egos are bruised. RESPECT your man. Women take this
thing for granted. Alam nyo, pag paulit-ulit nagawa ito ng
babae,naghahanap kami ng ibang babae. Why? 'Cause this is the easiest
way for us to boost our egos again.

4. Buddy.
We stick with our friends. We must have time with our buddies you
know? Its no! t everyday that only the gf/wife gets our time. We
always have the nee d to do those "boys night out" stuff. The feeling
is different when you are with your buddies and wh en you are with
our gf/wife. Babalik rin naman kami sa inyo e.Sigurado yan. Pag hindi
kami bumalik... may mali kayo sa # 3.

5. Quiet.
Sometimes, we are just plain quiet. This scenario happens all the
time: GF/wife asks the bf/husband why he is quiet, the bf/husband
says "nothing", then the gf/wife insists there's something wrong,
when there is really not. Tapos, away na.
Actually girls, we are not as chatty as you
are, even with our buddies. Do you notice that
we sometimes just nod at each other and still
understand each other? We like being quiet
sometimes. That's just it...

The truth about WOMEN [girl's point of view]

1. Malambing.
All women are malambing. It's a universal truth. But to tell you
frankly guys, it's not really our fault. Kasi u guys sometimes
forget to make pansin your gf'/wife e. If we are n ot malambing then
how would the human race procreate? It's a woman's nature to be
"malambing" kaya wag niyo kaming sisisihin kung madalas kami
maging mushy. DO you ever imagine kung puro guys nalang ang mundo!
Nothing will ever balance it around. A classic example: Diba pag may
nag- susuntukan na 2 guys, pag guys din ang umaawat between them
sobrang gusto pang kumawala ng nagaaway na guys... pero pag girl
ang umaawat... nag te-tame silang mga guys..Kase women balance
the WORLD! That is how God made us...

2. Lovers (sobra!).
This is true, you know. Meron kasing mga bagay na hindi naming
kayang itago. masyado kaming ma-emote. We try to hide things and if
we cant hide it anymore, we literally explode! Madrama kami. This
tactic is perfected thru time kaya iyung ibang girls eh medyo natural
na sa kanila ang magdrama. Masyado kaming concentrated sa love.
Diba... majority of guys are so n! ot into this type, they feel na a
man should act like a man! Pero hell o... guys wonder so much kase
why girls can hold hands together (straight girls, ok!) without
feeling insecure but straight men can't! - WHY??? kase you guys always
want to keep your ego oozing out like hell! You should definitely feel
us to really know us, y'know!

3. I'm always your girl!
We must have this feeling that we always have your attention. Ayaw
naming me kahati kami. At insulto sa amin na ang kahati namin sa
pansin mo ay yun na meet mo sa isang club pa! I mean, u can do better
than that noh. Got that??????!!!!!

4. Baby.
We want to be treated like a baby. You must have time for us. Wag
laging barkada. We always have the need to have those "romantic
nights". Its such a different feeling being with your bf. Because
we get to cuddle, kiss, hug.... Kase kayong guys always want to have
more babies even big, sexy babies!... and you reason out na its
human nature for you to procreate???? C'mon!

5. Makulet.
We are sumtimes just plain makulet.! This scenario happens all
the time: GF/wife asks the Bf/hub why he is quiet, the bf/hub
says "nothing", then the gf/wife says there's sumthing wrong, the
gf/wife insists that there is sumthing wrong when there is really
not until a word war comes out. Pero bakit naman nga you c ant
reason out why you're so quiet. The world knows guys are one-track-
minded daw! Unlike women where we can't really decide and frequently
change our minds at the last minute...then if you say nothing...then
why do you act so different! THERE REALLY IS SOMETHING... the trick
here guys: just reason out something different from the real reason
why you feel that way... y'know! you're good naman in making excuses
e diba? e di no away na...Actually guys, we are not as lame and
quiet as you are. add ko lang to.......

6. Malibog.
Yes guys, malibog din kami. Human nature po yan. But we are more in
tune with our inner selves kaya mas controlled namin ang pagka el. In
the first place its our bodies that goes thru all the changes if ever
we get preggy kaya minsan ayaw namin. We deny sex coz gusto pa namin
maging sexy since thats what society dictates. Saka mahirap na baka
dumami pa ang lumabas na nyakers jan. Eh we dont make patol kung
kani kanino lang noh! Not like u guys, basta ego tripping kayo sa
girls who makes a living out of making bola sa inyo. Panay naman
paniwala nyo. hahahahaha........
kung naa mo reklamo paste lang comments!! hehehe

To the man I love

You make me feel loved, you make me feel safe, but more importantly,
you make me feel wanted. Something that I hadn't felt in a very long
time. We both knew our friendship would grow right from the very
first day we spoke. But, neither one of us could begin to imagine the
love we both feel but just slowly growing into a beautiful
relationship that only you and I can understand. We don't even need
to be together, we are never apart. You are my soul mate, my best
friend, my inspiration, my love.

Thank you for loving me no way any one has ever tried. Thank you for
knowing all the little things that mean so much to me. Thank you for
understanding that you and I need to take time together for fun, and
talking and just spending time together. For everything you are, and
mean to me and everything I am becoming because you are in my life...
thank you! Just having you in my life is the greatest gift you can
ever give me.

something that could really touch your heart

I would like to share this story...

I was then an only child who had everything I could ever want. But
even a pretty, spoiled and rich kid could get lonely once in a while
so when Mom told me that she was pregnant, I was ecstatic. I imagined
how wonderful you would be and how we'd always be together and how
much you would look like me. So, when you were born, I looked at your
tiny hands and feet and marveled at how beautiful you were. We took
you home and I showed you proudly to my friends. They would touch you
and sometimes pinch you, but you never reacted. When you were five
months old, some things began to bother Mom. You seemed so unmoving
and numb, and your cry sounded odd -- almost like a kitten's.

So we brought you to many doctors. The thirteenth doctor who looked
at you quietly said you have the "cry du chat" (pronounced kree-do-
sha) syndrome, 'cry of the cat' in French. When I asked what that
meant, he looked at me with pity and softly said, "Your brother will
never walk nor talk."

The doctor told us that it is a condition that afflicts one in 50,000
babies, rendering victims severely retarded. Mom was shocked and I
was furious. I thought it was unfair. When we went home, Mom took you
in her arms and cried. I looked at you and realized that word will
get around that you're not normal. So to hold on to my popularity, I
did the unthinkable ... I disowned you. Mom and Dad didn't know but I
steeled myself not to love you as you grew.

Mom and Dad showered you with love and attention and that made me

And as the years passed, that bitterness turned to anger, and then

Mom never gave up on you. She knew she had to do it for your sake.
Every time she put your toys down, you'd roll instead of crawl. I
watched her heart break every time she took away your toys and
strapped your tummy with foam so you couldn't roll. You'd struggle
and you'd cry in that pitiful way, the cry of the kitten. But she
still didn't give up. And then one day, you defied what all your
doctors said -- you crawled. When Mom saw this, she knew that you
would eventually walk. So when you were still crawling at age four ,
she'd put you on the grass with only your diapers on knowing that you
hate the feel of the grass your skin. Then she'd leave you there. I
would sometimes watch from the window and smile at your discomfort.
You would crawl to the sidewalk and Mom would put you back. Again and
again, Mom repeated this on the lawn.

Until one day, Mom saw you pull yourself up and toddle off the grass
as fast as your little legs could carry you. Laughing and crying, she
shouted for Dad and I to come. Dad hugged you crying openly. I
watched from my bedroom window this heartbreaking scene. Over the
years, Mom taught you to speak, read and write. From then on, I would
sometimes see you walk outside, smell the flowers, marvel at the
birds, or just smile at no one. I began to see the beauty of the
world around me, the simplicity of life and the wonders of this
world, through your eyes. It was then that I realized that you were
my brother and no matter how much I tried to hate you, I couldn't,
because I had grown to love you.

During the next few days, we again became acquainted with each other.
I would buy you toys and give you all the love that a sister could
ever give to her brother. And you would reward me by smiling and
hugging me.

But I guess, you were never really meant for us. On your tenth
birthday, you felt severe headaches. The doctor's diagnosis --
leukemia. Mom gasped and Dad held her, while I fought hard to keep my
tears from falling. At that moment, I loved you all the more. I
couldn't even bear to leave your side. Then the doctors told us that
your only hope was to have a bonemarrow transplant. You became the
subject of a nationwide donor search. When at last we found the right
match, you were too sick, and the doctor reluctantly ruled out the
operations. Since then, you underwent chemotherapy and radiation.

Even at the end, you continued to pursue life. Just a month before
you died, you made me draw up a list of things you wanted to do when
you got out of the hospital. Two days after the list was completed,
you asked the doctors to send you home. There, we ate ice cream and
cake, run across the grass, flew kites, went fishing, took pictures
of one another and let the balloons fly.

I remember the last conversation that we had. You said that if you
die, and if I need of help, I could send you a note to heaven by
tying it on the string any a balloon and letting it fly. When you
said this, I started crying. Then you hugged me. Then again, for the
last time, you got sick.

That last night, you asked for water, a back rub, a cuddle. Finally,
you went into seizure with tears streaming down your face.

Later, at the hospital, you struggled to talk but the words wouldn't

I know what you wanted to say.

"I hear you," I whispered. And for the last time, I said, "I'll
always love you and I will never forget you. Don't be afraid. You'll
soon be with God in heaven."

Then, with my tears flowing freely, I watched the bravest boy I had
ever known finally stop breathing. Dad, Mom and I cried until I felt
as if there were no more tears left. Patrick was finally gone,
leaving us behind.

From then on, you were my source of inspiration. You showed me how to
love life and live life to the fullest. With your simplicity and
honesty, you showed me a world full of love and caring. And you made
me realize that the most important thing in this life is to continue
loving without asking why or how and without setting any limit. Thank
you, my little brother, for all these.

Who is God and Who are We

Who is God and Who are we-Oliver- May of 2002

We, live because of God,
He, created us to please Him.
We, obyed and respect His Words,
He, return us with love and cares.

We, betrayed and mock His name,
He, forgive and keep us with Him.
We, hide and is frighted by His presence,
He, engulf us with His Undying promises.
We, praise and Glorify His name uphigh,

He, help us throught our endavour in life.
We, satisfy our doing in His Glory,
He, protect us from broken apart.

We, live and die upon His name.
He, will bring us to His Heavenly Place.
We, shall give Him thanks and praise,

He, will always be our God.

what's ur love color

What's your love color? (quiz #2)

PINK: Your love color is pink you like to take a good look at your mate physically. Remember that the inside does count. Sometimes you may find yourself liking a jerk, a cute jerk. Don't let yourself be mistreated. Love will come your way if you open your mind.
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Nov 17, 2006

Dance of Life

There were two hearts who met in the dance. That moment was magical.
There was a sweet song palying, there was harmony and soon love in
the air. They fell in love and they started building castle in their
dreams and promised forever with all certainty. But, somewhere in the
midst of the fun, they got lost in the dance, something went wrong
but they can never do anything. They were just drifting away, their
fortress falling apart. There were so many questions, but no one had
an answer.

The music stopped and there was silence.......

When we truly love someone, we give our best and let that person see
the pureness of our intention. But sometimes that person makes us cry
and hurts us for the wrong reason. That someone must have loved us
but he has not loved us enough to make him stand for what he truly

Now we are faced eith the seemingly impossible task of forgetting. We
have burdened ourselves long enough but still we can't get out of
this emotional trap. Let us remember that the more we try to forget
someone we love the more painful letting go will become.

Sometimes we never had to take that person out of our hearts at all,
for he will always be there no matter how hard we try to drive him
away. It isn't his presence that makes this difficult, it is our
stubbornness to accept our destiny that aligns forgetting next to
impossible. We keep a cold face but deep in our hearts, theres still
that lingering hope for reconciliation. Somehow, we still believe
that we can rekindle small embers and relight the fire that once
burned in our hearts. These thoughts gives us hope but it also breeds
the seeds of loneliness and despair.

The only way to forget is to accept and the only way to move on is to
look ahead and let the footprints of the past, be blown by the win of
time. Only then can our hearts find a partner in the dance of life
and hopefully never get lost again.

When we fail in our relationships, we ask ourselves what went wrong.
There are times when nothing was wrong. Sometimes love just naturally
fades away and this happens to people who are simply not meant for
each other. I know it is difficult to comprehend why relationships
suddenly take unexpected turns. But, it always happens. People we
treasure are taken away from us for a reason . Sometimes we have to
stop asking why and just accept our fate. If there is certainty in
that end, then we should stop being bitter and just be thankful that
for once, we have loved and shared our life

Sometimes we are holding on to someone whom we think is still there
but has really been long gone, or was just looking for a decent way
out of your relationship. You know how men can get away with words.

There is nothing wrong in loving someone. You may be able to bear the
pain when love begins to hurt. And when it hurts, you may still be
able to give even more. You may be even able to love until it hurts
no more. But what good does it bring you when the person you love
shows no respect for what you feel and makes lame excuses for his
inability to love you back. Love isn't love until you give away. But
love will only have life when it is shared by two people who believe
in its meaning, by people who share one goal, one commitment, and by
people who are selflessly loyal to each other.

God's ways aren't always easy and painless. Some are meant to open
our eyes to what we do not see. Some are meant to make us realize
what we stubbornly refuse to understand. But all of them will always
be meant to make us stronger and better persons. We just have to
trust Him on that.

you may find your way to the farthest planet and still remember the
one you love. Distance has little to do with forgetting. This healing
should begin in your heart. Acceptance is the first step to recovery.
Once you have learned to understand that this is where it ends then
it is the only time when you will learn how to move on with life
without having to stop every time you are reminded of the bitterness
of the past.

a Butterfly

A man found a cocoon of a butterfly. One day a small opening
appeared. He sat and watched the butterfly for several hours as it
struggled to force its body through that little hole. Then it seemed
to stop making any progress. It appeared as if it had gotten as far
as it could, and it could go no further.

So the man decided to help the butterfly. He took a pair of scissors
and snipped off the remaining bit of the cocoon.

The butterfly then emerged easily. But it had a swollen body and
small, shriveled wings.

The man continued to watch the butterfly because he expected that,
at any moment, the wings would enlarge and expand to be able to
support the body, which would contract in time.

Neither happened! In fact, the butterfly spent the rest of its life
crawling around with a swollen body and shriveled wings. It never
was able to fly.

What the man, in his kindness and haste, did not understand was that
the restricting cocoon and the struggle required for the butterfly
to get through the tiny opening were God's way of forcing fluid from
the body of the butterfly into its wings so that it would be ready
for flight once it achieved its freedom from the cocoon.

Sometimes struggles are exactly what we need in our lives. If God
allowed us to go through our lives without any obstacles, it would
cripple us.

We would not be as strong as what we could have been. We could never
What ever hardships we are suffering now, it is God's way of refining us to be able to face more hardships in the future. although sometimes lisud kaayo sabton. There are times that i felt like i wont be able to make it... pero here I am still alive ug gwapa lang ghapon....