Apr 8, 2007

I Created You

One day, as usually was the case, a young waif, a
little girl, stood at the street corner begging for food, money or wathever she
could get. Now this girl was wearing very tattered clothes; she was dirty and
quite disheveled.

As it happens, a well-to-do young man passed that
corner without giving the girl a second look. But when he returned to his
expensive home, his happy and comfortable family, and his well-laden dinner
table, his thoughts returned to the young waif and he became very angry at God
for allowing such conditions to exist.

He reproached God, saying, "How can you let
this happen? Why don't you do something to help this girl?"

Then he heard God in the depths of his being respond
by saying, "I did. I created You!"

Sometimes we neglect to see people around us who need our help. We are too busy minding our own things and forget why God created us....

Happy Easter everyone