Nov 18, 2006

Who is God and Who are We

Who is God and Who are we-Oliver- May of 2002

We, live because of God,
He, created us to please Him.
We, obyed and respect His Words,
He, return us with love and cares.

We, betrayed and mock His name,
He, forgive and keep us with Him.
We, hide and is frighted by His presence,
He, engulf us with His Undying promises.
We, praise and Glorify His name uphigh,

He, help us throught our endavour in life.
We, satisfy our doing in His Glory,
He, protect us from broken apart.

We, live and die upon His name.
He, will bring us to His Heavenly Place.
We, shall give Him thanks and praise,

He, will always be our God.

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ira said...

makahilak man pud ko ani.. maka konsensya