Nov 19, 2006

When love isn't enough

It is always easy to say that we can love unconditionally without having to expect anything from someone we love. But the truth is, loving unconditionally is very difficult. Love can drive us to a point where we start not to care about anything but just loving a person, in spite of his or her infidelity, insensitivity or lack of respect to what we feel. But there is always a limit to our sacrifices. No matter how we try to become insensitive to how someone treats us, we always come to a point where we expect appreciation, respect and acknowledgement. There may only be a few who would be able to give love unconditionally without having the need to be recognized.

There are many small things in a relationship that mean a lot to women. Things that men do not give so much meaning to actually matter to their partners. Being sensitive to the needs of the people we love is very important. We constantly have to make an extra effort to make others feel that they are important to us and the small things they do are appreciated. The greatness of a relationship is built on the foundation of small acts of kindness, love and compassion.

Trust is also very important. But the sad fact is, every time it is broken, only a few give themselves the chance to trust again and give their partners an opportunity to redeem themselves. We all make mistakes and in love, there should always be room for forgiveness and acceptance. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. We all have to live with the imperfection of our partners.

Let us always remember: In the end it is not how much love we have received that would count, but how much love we have given and how much more we are willing to give even without the promise of earning it back.


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