Nov 18, 2006

To the man I love

You make me feel loved, you make me feel safe, but more importantly,
you make me feel wanted. Something that I hadn't felt in a very long
time. We both knew our friendship would grow right from the very
first day we spoke. But, neither one of us could begin to imagine the
love we both feel but just slowly growing into a beautiful
relationship that only you and I can understand. We don't even need
to be together, we are never apart. You are my soul mate, my best
friend, my inspiration, my love.

Thank you for loving me no way any one has ever tried. Thank you for
knowing all the little things that mean so much to me. Thank you for
understanding that you and I need to take time together for fun, and
talking and just spending time together. For everything you are, and
mean to me and everything I am becoming because you are in my life...
thank you! Just having you in my life is the greatest gift you can
ever give me.