Jun 5, 2008

A feeling of forlorn

Good Morning sunshine!

Today when i opened my eyes, i feel very odd. I miss Philippines.... Naranasan mo na bang maging malungkot at hindi mo alam bakit? It's like nagsasawa ako sa daily routine ng buhay ko. Pagka gising pasok sa trabaho, lunch, sleep bukas trabaho uli. I don't even have a social life. I don't have a choice though. Kung wala rin namang trabaho wala ka rin namang pera. I feel like im not happy with my work now. It's very difficult to get along with people with different culture, personality and way of thinking.

When I was still in Davao, Its my dream to be here in Europe. Now i realize, it's not easy to live with your dream. Ewan ko ba... I think I need a break.... there are lots of things on my mind...